Don't just study a language,
speak it too
Reach fluency while discussing the topics that interest you the most
Your platform to practice any language
We provide language learners with the platform and entourage needed for them to practice the language they want via our service Group Calls Exchange
1. Choose the language matching group
Pick the group that includes your native language or the one you speak fluently and the language you want to practice
2. Schedule or participate in a Group Call
Customize your call by choosing the topic you like to discuss and the time that suits you
Start your journey
Remember to be:
  • On-time
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Yourself
And most importantly "Make as many mistakes as you can"
How it looks like
Practicing is the only way to FLUENCY
It may not surprise you that you can't become fluent if you don't learn and practice in real-time with other speakers.

You can never speak a language by just studying it, no matter how much you study.
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