A group call is a call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. Inatlantis group calls are designed in a way in which the maximum number of participants is 5, including 2 who are natives or fluents in the two matching languages.
Yes, the service of Inatlantis Meetups is for free, for both, Participants and Organizers
Yes, It’s extremely efficient as it’s based on Language exchange which is a practice that has long been used by individuals to exchange knowledge of foreign languages. For example, John Milton gave Roger Williams an opportunity to practice Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and French, while receiving lessons in Dutch in exchange. Language exchange first came about in the early 1800s where school aged children in England were introduced to the newly set up program. Countries such as Belgium and Switzerland found the language exchange program very easy to run as there were many languages spoken in the one country. French and German youth picked up language exchange in 1968 which then spread to Turkey and Madrid. To know more about this method of language learning, click here And as we know how difficult it is to manage to attend to several meetups for the same purpose, we provide the virtual version which is ‘Group Calls” in order for you to catch up and especially to accelerate your learning skills.
It's left to the law of supply and demand. You can look for the language you want to practice and if you don’t find it, you can create a matching language exchange group of it with your native language and then you can invite people you know to join you so you can start practicing it.. The main languages such as, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, chinese.. Are covered..
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