Inatlantis is a language exchange solution that connects language learners with native and advanced speakers. Users can participate and/or schedule customized group calls based on their own areas of interest.

Because practice makes perfect, and studying alone will never be enough, we’ve focused our service on putting you in the most appropriate entourage in order to practice to speed up your process towards fluency.

Inatlantis group calls are designed in a way in which the maximum number of participants is 8, including 2 who are native or advanced speakers in the two matched languages.

As a user, all you have to do is to pick a matching group call that has your native language or the language you speak fluently and the language you want to practice. You join the group, then you have two choices; to organize a group call and be the host or to join a scheduled group call as a participant.

N.B: If you join a matching language group (e.g. French ↔ English) and you don’t speak both languages of the group, you can only join scheduled group calls (as a participant), but you can’t organize.

Language exchange is a method of language learning based on mutual language practice between two (or more) native or advanced speakers teaching each other their native language or the language they speak fluently.

Our approach relies on this method along with the fact that our calls are always in groups and always around a topic so our users get the chance to practice to enhance their ability to discuss any topic they want.

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English, Classic Arabic, French, Spanish and Moroccan Darija.

We’re adding new languages each month to the platform.

During the call, you can click on the participant you want to report, and in the pop up you get, you click on report.

It is essential to explain in detail why you want to report the user.

You have received a warning because you were reported by another Inatlantis user for breaking the Inatlantis Terms of Service. The Safety Team has reviewed the evidence and decided to give you a warning.

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