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Inatlantis helps language learners engage in real-time Group Calls in order to help them become fluent.

We also offer Universities the opportunity to introduce their students to a new culture & language and give them the chance to engage in
real-time group call discussions with a group of their peers from another country.


How it looks like

Language is culture, not just a set of words you mix and match together to make meaning.  Speaking another language means to be able to relate to another human. That also goes beyond the level of verbal communication into body language, gestures, posture, concept of personal space, and lots of other practices, perspectives, and products of a particular culture.

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@Edu Group Calls :

Designed in a way in which the maximum number of participants (Students) is 8, half are from a University and the rest are from another University from another country, and thus a different culture & language. This is a premium service for universities with multiple features and full access & control over the group calls as only admins of universities can schedule group calls and write descriptions...   As an Admin of X University, you can invite your students and schedule Unlimited Group Calls in coordination with your peer University or Universities. You can be matched with more than one university. You an try two types of group calls, the regular one for cultural purposes & the language peers one for linguistic purposes

Language Peers Group calls:

As a native and/or fluent speaker of X language, you are able to schedule a group call to learn Y language.


Is an online service used to organize informal gatherings for the purpose of exchanging and practicing languages. The main purpose is to let people from different cultures and backgrounds come together and talk and have a good time at a cozy place.

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As we believe time and guidance are super important in the process of learning. Also, information overload and short attention span are two major problems...For that a daily; summarized and personalized course (based on your level) is delivered to your Inbox every morning, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to upgrade your level.

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