Practicing is the only way to FLUENCY

It may not surprise you that you can't become fluent if you don't learn and practice in real-time with other speakers.

You can never speak a language by just studying it, no matter how much you study.

Memorizing words won't make you speak!

Language is culture,not just a set of words you mix and match together to make meaning. Speaking another language means to be able to relate to another human. That also goes beyond the level of verbal communication into body language, gestures, posture,concept of personal space, and lots of other practices, perspectives, and products of a particular culture

Why One on One conversations are a bad idea

The one-on-one chat tends to be intimate and thus, it gets deviated from the main purspose of practicing the language.

Also, it always creates a small saturated circle of discussions.

Why Group calls is the ultimate option to become fluent

Engagement is garanteed when you are in a group call of 3 participants or more.

Speaking with different people means discussing different topics from different perspectives...

The on-demand model makes you control and organize your own program,when you want,where you want.

Some of our benefits

On demand

Unlimited № of
Group Calls

Schedule & choose
the topic you like
and be the host

How it works

The Group Call in our platform is designed based on the principle of exchange.

This is done by two native speakers teaching each other their native language, or the language they speak fluently.

So, as a native or fluent in X language, you can either schedule a group call or participate in a scheduled one in order to practice Y language. And it's always in groups.

How it looks like

Ready to practice languages and socialize?